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The goal of Project 2 was to create a wearable object connected to one specific community of our choice. My initial inspiration was Cubism in the early 20th century. Cubism was an avant garde art movement that revolutionized European paintings and sculptures. I’ve always had a passion for structured and architectural designs  so for my wearable piece I combined the both. I first started by creating my mood board. I collected images of shapes and patterns that inspired me. I then sketched out the type of design I wanted my piece to have and created quick mock ups out of paper and cardboard on the mannequin as well as on Illustrator. Once I had a good idea of where and how many triangles I would need I started to think of which material would work best. I knew I wanted something I had never worked with, I thought of plexiglass but it would have been too heavy on the body so i decided i would use polycarbonate. I cut each triangle by using a hook blade, I then drilled two holes at the bottom of each triangle and used a chemical liquid to meld each side to each other in order to make a 3D triangle. I then traced the mannequins dimensions on muslim, placed the triangles and attached them with a piece of beige thread. Finally, I decided to keep the triangles see through because i wanted the models skin color to show through the piece.

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