Material ConneXion Reflection

One of the materials that inspired me the most was the Pirarucu Fish Skin Leather. This material caught my eye from the color to its texture. What also interested me was the way they used fish scales to make leather which is not something that I ever thought was possible. I also think it’s inspiring in an ecological way in order to use the whole animal instead of throwing away the parts we don’t eat. If i were to use them in a project I would do a home mini bar collection with a champagne ice bucket, coasters, a flask, and a tray all made of the Pirarucu Fish Skin. I would also have a collection of utensils with a matching brief case or a collection with a purse, gloves and sun glasses.


The way they made high resolution raised printing patterns on fabric was very interesting to me. It’s such an easy way to create detailed patterns that would otherwise be very hard. With this technology I would probably want to create furniture, packaging design or clothes.

The last material that caught my eye was the translucent sheet. What amazed me the most was the fact that it’s produced as a secretion from bacteria which are fed a sugary solution in this specific case, pineapple juice. The ecologic and natural factor of this material is the most fascinating part and bringing this into market products would be an incredible step forward for commercialized products as well as fashion.

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