3D Laser Cut Polyhedron + Pattern

For this assignment we had to make a 3D polyhedron form with 5 or more faces with a pattern made by the laser cutter. I chose to make a dodecahedron made out of chip board. I started by making my art board the size of my chip board and the laser cutter which is 18×24. I then made one pentagon to the right size and line color and copied it 12 times. I then cut out small rectangles, measured and punched holes in them in order for them to align with each pentagon. I then used envelop pins as mechanical connectors.


Project 2

Mood Board


For part 1 of project 2 we had to make a mood board and 3 sketches of an interlocking body object. For this project the purpose is to create a wearable object that will help us demonstrate the ways in which we relate to our community and to others. My first sketch is a head extension that becomes an umbrella, the second one is a hip extension that covers half of the chest and extends across to the opposite side of the body and the third one is a back extension that folds (opens and closes) which hovers over the body when opened.

Foam Core Structure

For this assignment we had to apply serial planes concepts to create a structure with black or white foam board using the additive and subtractive methods. I chose to create the shape of a seahorse. I first started by cutting out the middle piece which was the biggest then i went on to create smaller versions. i decided to put them together by cutting out an oval shape and making thin slits in order to slide in each plane. Cutting the foam board was a challenge and if your blade isn’t sharp enough it will rip through the foam. That happened to two of my pieces so i used sand paper to soften the edges.

Wood Necklace

For this assignment we had to use metal connectors to make a wearable Wood Necklace. I chose hearts as the shapes because they were a little bit of a challenge and I wanted to practice sawing and sanding the curves. I then put screw eyes on the side of each heart, connected them with metal loops and added the chain in order for it to be wearable.


Words that define me

Sketches for project 1

Mood Board

Quick Mock Ups using aluminum foil, cardboard, wire, thread, tape and foam. 

Sketches of the real model demonstrating the outline, the core and the way it would come to open and close.

Final two pieces before connecting them together.


For project 1 we had to pick a symbol that represents the way we are seen by society and the way we see and identify ourselves. I am a very quiet and introverted person and it takes me a while to open up to outsiders which is why I picked a shell as my symbol because I love hiding away in my own bubble. For the project we had to use linear materials to create our symbol in 3D. I choose to use wood because I never worked with it before and it had a quality and feel to it that I really enjoyed. I first started by listing words and creating my mood board. After I decided what my symbol was I started making quick mock ups using cardboard, aluminum foil, wire, foam and thread. Once I had an idea of how I wanted it to look I started doing quick sketches in order to visualize my imagination. drawings of how. For our final model, we had to use mechanical connectors to put everything together. This project was a real challenge but I truly enjoyed working on it and my end result. I also loved experiencing with materials that I had never used before.