Waste Tracking Assignment Reflection

Regarding the project, the main obstacles I had were portraying the visual representation in a creative manner and redesigning a chosen. Aesthetically, I see garbage as garbage at first glance, so I it took some thought to make a collage that was pieced from bits of garbage, representative of what they came from and in what numbers. With the second, it was figuring out a redesign that would help with sustainability, something that was new to me and required some research. After hearing feedback, I think I would do my redesign differently, and similarly after seeing my peers’ own work. Besides that, I think I would make a PowerPoint presentation just to be more organized. In general, I think this project has changed my perspective in terms of consumption, as it makes me feel sort of cynical towards the whole “system” of it, and the inevitability that humans take resources and the planet in disregard for their own comfort, desires, and profit. 

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