Studio 1 and 2: Bridge 1 and 2 Projects

Working alone and with someone come with advantages and disadvantages, both of which I experienced with Bridge Project 1 and 2 respectively. When alone during Bridge Project 1, I had my own memories, and own perspective and opinions of them that had remained standardly positive even after being resurfaced more vividly 18 years. I had to consult my own memories and thoughts during this project, such as how would I represent the memory, what details did objects of nostalgia have, et cetera that were exclusive inside my own life and experiences, which I could only rely upon myself to remember. In general, I had many freedoms on the first one, but no one to double check or correct me on any flaws. 

Bridge Project 1

Cover Page

Pages 1 and 2

Pages 3 and 4

Pages 5 and 6

With Bridge Project 2, the memories were shared between me and my partner, as we experienced it in the former present together. If I forgot something I could rely on Braden for clarification and missed details, instead of forgetting them and or fabricating fill-ins for them. It was like thinking as one, but more decisively and hesitantly, and being a target for correction or dispute. I thought of it as being like an angel and devil on a person’s shoulder, yet I could not determine which out of the two of us was the “evil” or “good”. Nonetheless, we kept a balance when doing the project, in terms of mutual criticism and sharing work. In terms of remembering, it was somewhat easier as the event was more recent than childhood memories. 

Bridge Project 2

Waste Tracking Assignment Reflection

Regarding the project, the main obstacles I had were portraying the visual representation in a creative manner and redesigning a chosen. Aesthetically, I see garbage as garbage at first glance, so I it took some thought to make a collage that was pieced from bits of garbage, representative of what they came from and in what numbers. With the second, it was figuring out a redesign that would help with sustainability, something that was new to me and required some research. After hearing feedback, I think I would do my redesign differently, and similarly after seeing my peers’ own work. Besides that, I think I would make a PowerPoint presentation just to be more organized. In general, I think this project has changed my perspective in terms of consumption, as it makes me feel sort of cynical towards the whole “system” of it, and the inevitability that humans take resources and the planet in disregard for their own comfort, desires, and profit. 

Space/Materiality: Sacred Space

Art gallery

In this project, we were challenged to not make a building, but a miniature version of one. Model making was something I never experienced before, and felt very uncomfortable. Regardless, I should have put more work into my idea, because even though I liked it, it was not well executed and could have used more time and effort put into it.

The space is suppose to represent a place I would imagine in the city of Seattle, which is not quite like New York, but urban nonetheless, though more spaced out. It would have been a gallery for local artists, to help spread their works and let them gain some income as well. It would be eco-friendly, with sharp white panels meant for rainwater to slide down and collect in gridded, filtering drains. Solar panels catch sunlight and harness its energy on white walls, which help with temperature regulation. The whole building is done in a faceted, geometric style in general.


Mechanical Hand Project

by: Sumaiya Ahmed

Bell Prod in motion

This project required us to make a make a mechanism that can repeatedly do a specific action, while being styled in any semblance to the human hand, ranging from outward appearance, to something deeper, or something literal, and sometimes comical.

My project’s mechanism and function are simple, but amusing, whimsical, and addictive, in creation, mimicking a little child obsessed with ringing counter bells and annoying staff. The idea came to me from habits of fidgeting and amusing oneself as a child via toying with simple objects, like bubble wrap, keys, or in this case counter bells.

Final Model (with and without bell):







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