Monthly Archives: March 2016

Bridge Three: An Advertisement

  [because of the questionable layout, please click to enlarge] Making a “teaser” for my topic for my Bridge Four: Final Research project, I decided to explore the general question that got me started/interested: “How has the classic “white t-shirt” made its way into becoming exponentially more expensive than ever before?

Naturally Dying Wool — Felting

To begin, we were given natural wool in class and could choose any color we wanted to dye it– except it had to be a naturally made dye. My roommate and I decided to do very bold colors and this is the documentation: Step 1: Cleaning the Wool to dye it To Mordant the wool we chose to use the Iron…

Mixing Neutrals

Color Theory is no doubt one of the hardest classes I have ever had and mixing neutrals has been quite the adventure. On the 11th floor of the Parsons Building, I am able to take in one of the most beautiful views of Manhattan. With an array of buildings and a reminder of how weird some buildings are built in Manhattan, we were to…

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