Monthly Archives: November 2016

Word Map Construct

Quantitative Constrained + Quantitative Adaptive Many documents deal with numbers, volumes, sizes and other quantitative tasks still employ type in the form of words as the “last mile” of information. A word map involves the quantification of type. The type serves a role as a quantity-planned according to a non-arbiturary rule. Without illustrations, the typography follows some objective rule set and cannot be…


Project Instruction: Considering Image & Composition to create a photo essay that delivers a story, a concept that exhibits my Design Manifesto. In collaboration with my brother, Ian Moon, I wanted to share my experience, my joy from these exposed photographs that deserved a new and interesting perspective. AL x Ian Moon Click to view exposed-official (File is Large, Please Wait)

Shakespeare Poster Series

Pictorial Constrained + Pictorial Semi- Constrained Incorporating a picture- that leads and comes together with graphic elements to create a poster for an event. The general theme for the poster is an event/performance. The specific theme is a Shakespearian Play. Click to View

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