In Pairs

II- Comfort & Sanctuary

Babies in pairs, a mom and a child, a mom pregnant with a child; These are the things that drove this project to represent my personal comfort and sanctuary. Comfort comes in many forms and ways, but it always results in the security of knowing that you are not alone. Looking at photographs that captured siblings creating a sort of harmony in the way that they played off of each other inspired me to think, ‘imperfectly fitting proportions.’ It is the idea that one cannot be without the other; There is strength in two (or more). I am reminded of what shaped me, that it couldn’t be without the relationships that have come in different chapters of my life, whether that be with someone that I have known my whole life as my brother or my college roommate, I now call a sister.

Sanctuary has always been the balance that is created between relationships and experiences. Intrigued by bumps and its silhouette, it is usually formed in some of the most natural and genuine ways. A pregnant woman is the perfect example; a bump forms as she carries another human inside and it illustrates that it is the closest way any human could be connected to another. She carries the pure emotions, weight and glow and it is all perfectly captured and in her bump. The greatest part about it is that pregnant women cannot hide or shape their belly the way they want, just like children cannot control the balance that forms between each other. There is a natural formation of balance and it becomes the foundation to guide the picture. Organic shapes and the thickness and thinness that comes from not only humans, but what was created by humans, paints the whole picture. The focus of this collection becomes the odd harmony that forms between many shapes and lines, that although it can cause noise, it causes balance as well.

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