Monthly Archives: July 2017

The Square

In Design Studio II, I was asked what my design system was. It left me baffled and speechless, I couldn’t get myself to say it in one sentence. I strive to create for the ideal lifestyle that’s always painting a picture inside my head and how to exude that I made through a gif of a theoretical, modular apron design named, ‘The…

Portfolio Site: 1st Attempt

As our very first project, we were asked to create a website for our own portfolio, something that we could personalize and create as our own. Click to view brainstorming: Final Portfolio: Portfolio-otjskx  

Pleats Please

Web Design Final: Create a web design for a theoretical or existing brand, item, theme, etc. Whatever it may be, make it sellable. Final-1vv037p Choosing to redesign the website for Pleats Please was the hardest decision. I went around in circles trying to figure out how to accomplish just the same amount of dimension and texture the actual brand carries on a website. The…

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