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Shakespeare Poster Series

Pictorial Constrained + Pictorial Semi- Constrained Incorporating a picture- that leads and comes together with graphic elements to create a poster for an event. The general theme for the poster is an event/performance. The specific theme is a Shakespearian Play. Click to View

When In New York- Unplanned Ed.

Glen, my Visual Communications teacher, took us out to visit an exhibit Uptown, only to find out that the museum was closed on Tuesdays. It got us all, as we were very lost trying to find an alternative schedule for the remainder of class. He decided, why not go on our own excursions and create our own Visual stories of what…

A Still Life Study

Being given a series of black and white still life drawings to choose from, we were to reproduce one we liked and collage value scales we made with charcoal on drawing paper (all drawn, no tracing) Then we transferred it onto illustrator and played with a colored and textured value reproduction,  

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

I cannot believe this is something we would watch in Integrative Studio for fashion. I simply forgot how important and universal certain life lessons were that they applied to all aspects of life, all jobs, all subjects. The one thing that the film focuses on is self discipline, reminding oneself the importance of what they are doing and why they…

Mixing Neutrals

Color Theory is no doubt one of the hardest classes I have ever had and mixing neutrals has been quite the adventure. On the 11th floor of the Parsons Building, I am able to take in one of the most beautiful views of Manhattan. With an array of buildings and a reminder of how weird some buildings are built in Manhattan, we were to…

Beautiful Losers

“I think as a kid you are doing crafts and that is totally normal, and seems to be what you do as a kid and I think what the kind of weird tragedy is that when you become an adult you grow up you lose that. You stop just involving yourself in the joy of color and creation and stuff,…

Bridge One- Reconstruction

For the Deconstruction (Part 1 of Bridge 1), please click the link

Bridge One: Deconstruction

After having deconstructed a child’s raincoat, it has now been reconstructed into a toddler’s swimsuit and shoes.

The toddler’s shoes are constructed with velcro to easily slip a baby’s feet in and out of it. Lined with felt, the shoe is made for comfort and perfect for babies that hate or love shoes.

[courtesy of Delia Creates for the shoe pattern]

baby 2

The toddler’s swimsuit is made with velcro to close the garment like a diaper and there is a surprise, detachable tail in the back for all the children who love detachable things.

back swimsuit tail

Continous Lines

A series I want to do till whenever I decide I stop wanting to make it a series:

[because of the questionable layout, please click to enlarge photos for better quality] 

Room 1101

continuous line-1

NYC Public Library

continuous line-2

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