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Shakespeare Poster Series

Pictorial Constrained + Pictorial Semi- Constrained Incorporating a picture- that leads and comes together with graphic elements to create a poster for an event. The general theme for the poster is an event/performance. The specific theme is a Shakespearian Play. Click to View

Body Dysmorphia- A Dress

Body Dysmorphia: the mental battle that consists of discontentment, anger, self-hatred, insecurity in any way regarding one’s body and self. Process Skirt Designs, Draping/Pleating A failed attempt at a bubble, but… Draping created depth and more organic of a shape 🙂 Mock Up of Potential Shoulder Detail, These thoughts often prompt people to find solutions, whether it be through physical change,…

When In New York- Unplanned Ed.

Glen, my Visual Communications teacher, took us out to visit an exhibit Uptown, only to find out that the museum was closed on Tuesdays. It got us all, as we were very lost trying to find an alternative schedule for the remainder of class. He decided, why not go on our own excursions and create our own Visual stories of what…

Friday Night Lights by W.

Final: Create a design solution for [my intended major] using my color story as the foundation and incorporating one (or more) theories we touched on in class. Color Story Sometime in October of 2011, my cheer coach gave us the breakdown for the upcoming homecoming game. The thrill of what I’ve only seen in movies had become an exciting and true…

Natural Dyeing: Giving Your Food Scraps A Home

Natural Dye Official To finish off the year, I was able to team up with Deanna Hutchinson & Joanna Lindell to create a Natural Dye Recipe Book for all the food scraps that have are used up so quickly. This is intended for anyone, easy to follow and is something that users can further extend as they experiment with natural…


Puroma:  Inspired by the Ancient Roman Culture, a luxury towel brand for children Using a tetrad of red-orange, yellow, blue-green, and purple I pushed the values and chromas to create a pattern that exuded qualities of the Ancient Roman culture. The construction of the final printout is to mimic that of the towel robe folded as marketed inside.

A Still Life Study

Being given a series of black and white still life drawings to choose from, we were to reproduce one we liked and collage value scales we made with charcoal on drawing paper (all drawn, no tracing) Then we transferred it onto illustrator and played with a colored and textured value reproduction,  

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

I cannot believe this is something we would watch in Integrative Studio for fashion. I simply forgot how important and universal certain life lessons were that they applied to all aspects of life, all jobs, all subjects. The one thing that the film focuses on is self discipline, reminding oneself the importance of what they are doing and why they…

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