Color Theory

Spring Elective, Year I Semester II
3 Hour Studio Class

Friday Night Lights by W.

Final: Create a design solution for [my intended major] using my color story as the foundation and incorporating one (or more) theories we touched on in class. Color Story Sometime in October of 2011, my cheer coach gave us the breakdown for the upcoming homecoming game. The thrill of what I’ve only seen in movies had become an exciting and true…


Puroma:  Inspired by the Ancient Roman Culture, a luxury towel brand for children Using a tetrad of red-orange, yellow, blue-green, and purple I pushed the values and chromas to create a pattern that exuded qualities of the Ancient Roman culture. The construction of the final printout is to mimic that of the towel robe folded as marketed inside.

Mixing Neutrals

Color Theory is no doubt one of the hardest classes I have ever had and mixing neutrals has been quite the adventure. On the 11th floor of the Parsons Building, I am able to take in one of the most beautiful views of Manhattan. With an array of buildings and a reminder of how weird some buildings are built in Manhattan, we were to…

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