Integrative Studio 1

Understanding Korea through Sikhye

Final Artifacts [Because of the questionable layout, please click to enlarge] Official Label Design: *if you want to view the prezi, please click* To preserve and pass along Korean history and culture to the public, I created a bottle and label design for the rice drink popular many years ago and hot in the market today, Sikhye. What started simply as…

A Memoir

In the beginning of the school year, Kadija asked us to write about life. This is connected to my 100 Drawings Assignment so if you want a little bit of a background before this piece, click below:                   Memoir The one period in my life that I always recall, partly because I want…

A Collaborative Zine

Collaborative Book/Zine: Multiple Perspectives At the Museum of the Morbid Anatomy, a group of five of us: Santangelo, Theo, Ingrid, Carlos and I ventured into this two floor museum and stumbled across wax figures, graphic photos or models of different people of the 17th Century. The good thing about a small museum was that we could really examine each piece of this exhibit and…


[because of the questionable layout, please click to enlarge photos for better quality]





Collaborative Mono Print Presentation:


MOMI- The Museum of the Moving Image

Created by: Joy Roach, Nicole Zizi & Alice Moon MOMI: The Museum of the Moving Image Our group of three decided to base this project on the Museum of the Moving Image. As we started to think of a creative concept for this map, we first visited the museum to explore its: elements of design, exhibits and the attracted crowd.…


[because of the questionable layout, please click to enlarge photos for better quality] 100 Blank Pieces of Paper + A Classic Black Sharpie = For this assignment, I put as much of my personality onto paper. Whether it was through my memories or thoughts that fly around in my head, all these things were poured onto each page. A look at…

Einstein’s Dreams: Wood Assignment

[because of the questionable layout, please click to enlarge photos for better quality] Idea Sketches:   Process: From Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman, I chose the chapter by the name of, “26 April 1905,” and represented an aspect through the use of wood and any other material we wanted to use. Finished Product: For this project, I focused on the relationship between gravity and time. In. “26 April 1905,”…

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