Project 1: Are we there yet? Walking through time

In this project I took three walks to document my experience of time and space. in pictures i’m supposed to show my experience of time within these spaces affected by each walk’s distance. these walks are affected by social and environment factors.

my first walk was a straight one along 5th ave, starts from 13th st. and ends at Waverly pl. that walk took me 10 min but it felt like 15 because there isn’t many people walking on the side walk but there’re a lot of traffic movement so it felt like i was walking very slow and time was going so fast because of all the fast traffic on the 5th ave. so i took a picture of the garbage can to show that there isn’t many people walking that i became more aware of still objects and buildings that i felt i was going by so slowing looking at them while i slowly pass by them.

my second walk was a diagonal one across the grid of the map. it starts along 13th st then turning into The Avenue of Americans then turns into 14th st then 7th ave and then ends turning to 15th st. since this walk started at a semi busy street, the walk felt natural, not too rushed or too slow, since i walk by there pretty often so distracting myself walking along these streets wasn’t very hard i almost not felt the time. it took 14 min to finish the walk, and it felt like 15 min. i think i closely predicted the time because the walk was pretty familiar to me in the first place so the timing was pretty predictable. i was taking pictures of passing cars in front of still objects and it just happened that the man was standing there and the ambulance car passed in front of him. i thought that was a good representation of the walk because it wasn’t a very busy area but i could only describe it with “practical” everyone there looked like there got a destination to go to.

my third and last walk was a zig-zag walk toward the west village. it started at 5th ave and went it zig-zagging to Leroy st. this walk took me 8 min but it felt like 10. with all the turns there was never a time where i questioned time since i was distracted with all the local restaurants and stores filled with the local people of the west village. although the walk started around Washington Square Park -where the buildings are neater and renovated. where deep into the zig-zagy walk where i get more into the west village,  the building are more old looking and smaller in space. it was fun walking along my random mapping so i thought i should take a fun picture that shows the zig-zaggness and friendliness of that walk that i felt. so i took a picture of two ladies walking and i moved along with them while taking it to show the constant movement of this walk.




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