Bridge 1 Project: Design Intervention

Hand Mirror and Jewelry Stand

I’m designing an object for my client Alda, that may help her morning routine to be a little easier. After interviewing her and following her around, I got to know her better in the interview and as a person. She uses a heavy hand mirror every morning to put her makeup. She prefers the hand mirror rather than using a table mirror so she can a better closer look at her face while covering her flaws. But sometimes the mirror will cramp her hand from holding it for too long.

I started designing a hand mirror and jewelry stand that is designed specifically for the hand mirror that she has. The stand will have too parts, the first part will hold her mirror by the handle and the second part will hold her jewelry. The stand will be made out of durable wire, for a light thin product that could easily be transported.



there’s already a product in the market like this; where it’s a mirror and a jewelry handler at the same time, but it’s in a larger scale then the one I’m designing. There’s also a small scale hand mirror handler,but it’s not sold individually, it’s sold with the hand mirror, made out of some plastic material.


Five Why’s questionnaire:

  1. Why do you do think you need the hand mirror and jewelry handle ?
  • It will make my routine easier.
  1. Why would it make your routine easier?
  • Because i dont gave to hold my mirror while im doing my makeup.
  1. Why do you need to do your makeup?
  • So i would cover my flaws.
  1. Why would you cover your flaws?
  • So i’ll look cute.
  1. Why do you wanna look cute?
  • Because it feels good.

From what i realized from the questionnaire, that it’s mainly psychological; holding the mirror so closely to cover up flaws so one would feel good about themselves. It all goes back to owning a hand mirror in the first place instead of a table mirror. To satisfy the customer, we need to consider their self-confidence that is directly connected to owning the hand mirror, that makes them happy.

Further along my research of the type of wire this stand will be made out of, I found that gauge 10 from dead soft Argentium silver wire is a suitable material for this kind of design and heavy hand mirror. It’s a durable wire and easy to bend, but with more bending, the wire will get harder from stressing it. To keep the mold of the wire and it’s shape, it’s heated afterwards to harden it more. The sterling to be heated to 1292°F–1346°F (700°C–730°C) for 30–60 minutes. Then it’s submerged in water to cool it down. Then the wire should be heated again, this time to 572°F (300°C), holding at that temperature for 30–60 minutes. Then it’s cooled down again, so that way the wire is hard and will hold the shape of the design.

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