the final shoe worn by Deanna

I interviewed my friend Deanna, and since i’ve known her for a long time, i ended up working with mainly from what i know about as a friend. She’s a very energetic and young spirited person with a fun taste in clothing, which inspired me to involve furry fabrics, and she also loves the color purple and some colors with similar tones, so that was the color pallet i decided to work with. I wanted to make her a sneaker because from the interview she told me that she liked Vans sneakers because they’re very comfortable and practical for her daily life style. She also skates and Vans or sneakers like Vans are the ideal skating shoe. Also from my observation to Deanna she wears Vans sneakers almost everyday.

My first idea was a little different then how it came out in the final. I first sketched a close-toed sneaker and i was going to also do the rubber part and attach/sew it to the bottom of the shoe and make a sole out of it. But after laster cutting the shoe template, and sewing the cotton on the inside of the two templates to make one shoe, i realized that i can’t make the planned nose of the shoe. So, looking at what i had, i imagined the three long pieces on the nose of the shoe (first picture) ┬áthat were supposed to make close-toed nose, to be fingers. With the fur on the side of the shoe i decided to go with the fingers idea, but more specifically, monster fingers with fake colorful nails. I stuck a piece of wire into the ‘fingers’ so they would stand and curve around Deanna’s toes. Then i glued the nails and I painted them with nail polish.

while attaching the shoe all together i used the sewing machine for the laster cut piece but hand sewn the furry fabric on to the sides of the shoe, but I also couldn’t make space for the lace holes, because as i was designing the shoe in illustrator i didn’t think about the seam that I’m going to sow right next to the lace holes, so when the cotton fabric was cut i’ve sewn two pieces together so when i flip them i can put the cotton layer inside. but there wasn’t enough space for the lace holes so i had to cut them i replace it with a zipper instead. I thought a zipper would work perfectly with Deanna because she’s a fun unique person, and shoes with zippers aren’t very common and ordinary.

the final shoe templates

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