I scanned my favorite parts from my three 360 figure drawings i did in class, and i uploaded them on illustrator, then i drew the cutting lines around some of the drawings that would like to be individual stickers. After printing and cutting the illustrations on a clear vinyl, i decided to show the gestalt principal continuation, because i noticed the most of my stickers could possible from one picture and they sort of complete each other even though they’re all from different parts of the three drawings. So i tried to show forming a person by combining three stickers of body parts (1st composition).  i took the picture the that angle because the lines were more visible in front of the blue sky rather than the trees. then i added two more stickers to the figure, so i looks like an active figure in the second picture and present less stillness that the figure had. the white line of the snow behind the ‘form’ was purely accidental, i just wanted the stickers to look like a weird smudge on the glass, or perhaps some blurry from.

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