Cross-Course Reflection

my name is Lujain AlSehli and I’m studying fine art at The New School Parsons. i’ve been living in NJ for four years now. i commute to school everyday; it take an hour and a half to an hour to get to school. i have a background in painting, illustration, photography, and sculpture. i chose to major in fine arts because i have a vast background in arts and i don’t want to be limiting myself doing one thing, and fine arts a very flexible major that fits with my artistic capabilities.

i didn’t really have a legitimate reason why i chose to go to the New School, my sister suggested it and told me that it’s an art school in manhattan so i applied and go accepted. although at the time of my application i had a clear goal out of my artistic path, but after my first year at Parsons that goal became not very important anymore. my goal was to make people see what they don’t wanna see with my art. but seeing all different artists from Parsons i realized that most of them got the same goal and they’re using also using art to deliver a political massage. after my first year of Parsons i got a new goal, and it’s to ┬ámake things that visual and emotionally satisfy and challenge me and not everyone around me. That way i can show my mind to people without hating my work because it satisfy a category. my old goal changed too as a way to cope with the amount of work i had to do in a really short period of time, i didn’t have time to think deeply into what might challenge people but i could easily figure out what would challenge me, it was to make something big the challenges my time management skills and forces me into finishing it faster, although i fail most of the time, i’m still trying to make this possible.

throughout my classes i noticed the my work has adapted a pattern. i’m used to working exactly off of the first sketch i make and the first idea i come up with. most of my ideas and concepts for a project morphs and changes while i’m working on the project, so that most of my revisions came after submitting my proposal for the project. i think that’s a really good way to develop an idea or a project as i get to experiment with my media and gain more experience while doing that. now i confidently say that i can work with any media and producing the same quality level work as i do with media that i’m very familiar with. i expanded my knowledge not just for my project but also for my own experience in the future. i think i pushed myself to leave my comfort zone more that my professors as i only felt so many limitations from my professors where i have to work within a box.

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