Printing My Story

after the very unfortunate fire incident, our class could not proceed with our clay assignment so instead we made prints about our feelings and reflections from the fire. i wasn’t in the fire i came in after they evacuated the building, but i saw people confused and scared trying to help each other (since so many of them left their stuff and know more about what exactly happened in the building. i was with my friend Deanna and i was helping her with everything i can; phone, jacket, and food. but Deanna was still in a bad mood. i was getting stressed out too and caught up in the moment seeing everybody’s energy and it sort of effected me too even though i was not in the fire and i didn’t lose anything. Deanna didn’t thank me for the help i provided before she left with her friend, so i got a little annoyed and then i left. when my prof. asked for my experience and feelings from the fire, all i can think of is Deanna acting selfish, so that what i etched on the copper plate to express my experience of the fire.


in this second printing project i made prints about a myth that i made up combining two mythical creatures from greek mythology; hell’s watch dog, Cerberus, and the Lernean Hydra. they’re both the offsprings of Typhon and Echidna. combined the visuals of both of them; multiple headed dog with dragon like claws. in the first print i decided to go basic and only use black to see the original etching, then i noticed that the feet weren’t as noticeable so i went over it again with the needle and did my second print using only purple ink. after that i decided to experiment with the ink and i mixed the purple ink with yellow, and it came out in this color that is not purple or yellow but some color in between. on my fourth print i decided to go further with the experimentation and use only yellow ink but i wasn’t sure if it’s gonna come out clear so i painted the paper with watercolors for a landscape illusion for the mythical creature. i did the same thing for my fifth and last print, but i added gold acrylic paint and instead paint chaotic background and make it seem as if the mythical creature was on fire. and in result that made only one head of its five show up and the rest were blurry and that served the chaotic feel of my last print.

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