MoMA Final Assignment: Drawing From Perversity

clown puppet

Final Proposal

In this final project where I visited the MoMA and observed some minimalist artists’ work and make a piece critiquing a piece that was in the exhibit that I didn’t like or had a negative saying about it. During my visit to The MoMA, there were so many minimalist artworks that I did not like or understand the intent of its message -since some of them didn’t have a description explaining the piece. I found myself questioning why some piece were displayed and how did they make it inside such exhibits. I don’t understand minimalist artwork, especially the ones that get displayed in a gallery. Looking at the pieces at the exhibit, there were a couple or artists that caught my attention, Ellsworth Kelly, Joan Mitchell, and Agnes Martin. Kelly had a couple in the exhibit that I don’t their titles recorded, but the pieces were too minimalist for me to digest and understand. One of the pieces was just a log/ wooden board. Which I found irritating to some extents. I did not understand why was that wooden board displayed in a gallery? I could see absolutely nothing significant about it. Another piece by Kelly also, where a canvas painted black and white dividing the canvas in half. It’s too simplistic for one to tell that it’s a painting, it just looks like a printer’s work. But I guess that was the intent of it?

To show my intake on minimalist art, I’ll sort of make a revised version of Ellsworth Kelly’s piece where he had the wooden board displayed. I’ll make a clown doll/puppet out of a wooden board.  By shaving and varnishing a 2x2x12 until it has similar soft edges as Kelly’s piece. Then I’m going to make a clown’s head, arms, and legs and attach it the wooden board as if the board was the clown’s body. I’m going to glue the parts to the board. The clown parts I’ll sew out of felt and stuff them with cotton, to be more doll like, I’m going to use colorful or perhaps different fabrics. So, the board will act like the body of the doll. I’m also going to use stickers that printed and cut them into small pieces and stick them on to the board and connect their lines to make the organs of the puppet. It’s my way of revising and sort of making of the piece to make it livelier and fun to look at and experience in a gallery.

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