project 2 : single image – transitional space

in this project we’re suppose to look for a transitional space and take pictures of it that should represent past, present, and future. the single image should also show the behavioral dimensions of the transitional space and how it functions as so. i chose to do the 9th st. path station because i go through it everyday going to school as part of my commuting everyday to school from NJ. the 9th st. path station is a fairly small station with one platform that got only two tracks. the stairs that goes from 9th st. to the platform, is quite interesting as it curves and at some point of going up or down it you can’t see the end or the beginning of the path due to the sharp curve of the stairs path. while going up or down the stairs, strong wind pass when a train comes/leaves, because the space is so tight and the path is a long way from both the street and the platform, the winds tend to be stronger.

this space caught my attention not only because i pass by it everyday but because i find the path/stairs from the platform to the street is quit interesting to me; the curvy path, the arched ceilings covered with pipes that curve with the path creating rusting line work on top of the rushing people. and since it was a small space too it was easier to manage. i took a series of photos from different places on the stairs. i experimented with the angels and frame.

experimental images:


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