final project proposal

for my final project were we’re supposed to create an augmented reality website that supposed to mimic or effect the experience of an existing site. i chose to make a website for Beacon’s Closet, it’s a thrift store right next to the new school. the website is supposed to mimic the shopping experience at Beacon’s Closet. shopping at any thrift store in my opinion is a chaotic and unique experience, where the shopper experiences everything at once, all the clothes and items are set right in front of the shopper, all types are all placed together, some thrift stores like Beacon’s Closet organize clothes by color- so they have blue clothes rack and black clothes in a different rack and etc. especially when there’s only one unique piece of every article, there only way to classify them other then by their colors, sizes, or kinds. making the shopper look through almost every rack, touching almost every piece hung on them, and depends on the services of the store, the shopper would try out every piece they picked out since the sizes vary. whither the shopper has a piece in mind they’re looking for or just looking for vintage clothes. i tend to forget whatever i’m looking for while shopping at a a thrift store, the many different choices distract me from concentrating on a specific goal and i find myself buying something that i didn’t plan for. but i don’t think that this a negative experience at all, i think it’s unique adventure in which we don’t know what we’ll find in the store and what we’re gonna end up buying at the end of the adventure. the whole set up of the environment effects the shoppers behaviors and actions. it’s not a normal shopping experience.

in my website i wanted to mimic my experience shopping at Beacon’s Closet where i see everything at once and try to pick out clothes at a random order just to be able to find interesting unique pieces. i took picture of different parts of the store that i wanted to include in my website, then i printed them and collaged them to make the pictures express the overwhelming emotional experience inside the store. in some photos i printed a couple of copies of them and i glued pieces on one page overlapping the items that are already there, creating an echo of some of the elements in the picture. in some picture i altered the pictures by drawing on them or putting glitter on them. for the structure of the website, i made it as simplistic as possible since the background images are overwhelming. the website structure works basically as a beginners guide on how to look for clothes at a thrift store in a fun way -if they’re not looking for anything in mind.

i chose to do a thrift store because in my opinion i think that’s a very unique experience, that could be taken to many different directions. i could describe it as a simple journey and i could also describe it as a very chaotic and overwhelming experience. thrift stores especially in New York city are very popular and are a big part of its culture, i think it’s very important for visitors like the New School students to experience it. Beacon’s Closet was the closest and most popular one among students.

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