Art Book Project Ideas

Book Ideas:

  1. Photography -edited & pasted into the book. Photo concept: unidentified human walks around block covered in flowing white fabric, flowers added to fabric with every step and new space explored.
  2. Surrealism + colors
  3. Mixed media – layered with holes cut out creating a composition, the book is a visual book with some handwritten notes about the journey.


  • Fabric
  • ┬áTracing paper
  • Acrylic white polymer emulsion
  • Paint
  • Camera/photos
  • White Fabric
  • Flowers
  • Wire / thread
  • textures/patterns
  • Translucent Spray paint
  • Ink

Etc ideas:

  • coffee stains
  • dried flowers(scanned)
  • editing flower


  • red door church
  • east village cafe
  • Vintage shop
  • Garden
  • Mural cuban
  • dias y flores garden

Natalie Alvarenga from Miami, FL. Rising Sophomore in Design and Technology at Parsons.

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