Time Costume- Natalie Alvarenga


Song: Sángo – Vista Da Gávea

The video portrays a fantastic creature exploring the city through dance and interacting with people. I wanted it to feel like a celebration.

The costume was inspired by a combination of sea creatures and birds as well as costumes from Carnival Brazil, a famous event every year in Brazil where dancers gather in huge colorful costumes that are almost bird like. This was in the back of my mind since the start of the project for inspiration in my video.

I also really wanted to incorporate movement and dance with my costume so I used the fringe and flowy fabric to do this. Dance is something that makes me feel at home and I miss it here, so I was excited about including a performative aspect of dance into the video.

The song “Vista Da Gávea” by Sángo is a combination of Brazilian funk and samba connecting with the concept of the video inspired by Brazilian Carnival, which was a way to compliment the dance.





Natalie Alvarenga from Miami, FL. Rising Sophomore in Design and Technology at Parsons.

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