“Disnovate” art hack day at Parsons Paris 29-30 August 2014. Curated by Nicolas Maigret. Exhibition at Parsons Gallery from August 30th until September 12th.


The MFA Design and Technology program offered at Parsons Paris (MFADT-Paris) is the sister program to the Master of Fine Arts in Design and Technology taught at Parsons’ New York City campus. The two programs are the first nodes in an international learning network for graduate-level design. In Paris, students in the program focus on the interchange between forward-looking scholarship and real-world projects, which enables them to create imaginative work based in theory and practice. The Paris location gives students access to resources in the region and beyond.


Students in MFADT-Paris benefit from small classes and a studio-based curriculum that both fosters community with peers and faculty members in Paris and New York and enriches collaborative projects. Topics taught in MFADT-Paris will include interactive systems such as games, physical interfaces, interactive art, dynamic data visualization, and mobile media. Each semester, students will take a studio course that offers opportunities to develop their research and creative practice and connect with the MFADT community in New York. Students will also take an academic course each semester. The dean will teach the first-semester course Design for This Century.

Many course lectures will be delivered as videos and accompanied by downloadable slides. An on-site recitation section will provide context for the lectures, time for discussion, and support for assignments. In Collaboration Studios, students will apply their design skills and collaborative abilities in projects for local contexts. Courses such as Creativity and Computation Lab will extend and reinforce the programming and physical computing skills that students learned in orientation week during the DT Symposium.


The small size of the Paris program makes possible a new kind of course on interactive practice—the Design and Technology Workshop. These workshops will expose students to a range of object-types, tools, techniques, and methodologies used in fields related to the Design and Technology program. They will also facilitate a peer exchange between students, faculty, and alumni of Paris and New York and bring regional guest lecturers to campus.

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