Olivia Tucker: Hand Sensor

Materials: needle and thread, two kinds of resistive fabric (thick and thin), conductive fabric, scissors, pen

Step One:

Cut two identical circles out of the thick resistive fabric, measuring about 2 centimeters in diameter

Cut a small hole in one circle

3. Use the conductive fabric- cut it into the shape of the circle, leaving a small tab hanging over the edge

4. Sew the circle of conductive fabric to the resistive circle

5. Sandwich the conductive fabric between the two circles of thick, resistive fabric and sew all three layers together

Step Two:

1. Using the thick fabric again, trace your finger and cut the two sides to be sewn together.

2. Cut a hole in one side like before, and again sew the conductive fabric to the side with the hole, and then sew the edges of both pieces, making a sleeve for your finger.

Step Three:

1. Measure your hand with the piece of thin fabric, mark it with the pen and sew on the reverse side.

2. Make a hole in the thin fabric and sew the circle from Step One into the center.

Finished product.