Elwyn Crawford: The Nose Knows™

Elwyn Crawford: The Nose Knows™

by Elwyn Crawford. MFA D+T Year 1, Spring 2015.

I created a fictional cyber security company based in the 2050’s called Trusted Network. Made up of the best in female cyber security, Trusted Network helps women reinstate their Trust Credentials after having their identities stolen by men. The tangibles of my project are twofold: 1) I have outlined the future economy and created a business operating it, based on research and actual projection. 2) I created a prototype of their primary product The Nose Knows™ and mocked up a website.


TRUST NETWORK : Cyber Security and Smell Technologies for Web 4.0

{this has different information than the website} 


The Trust Network is a web 4.0 Cyber Security Group offering security services and premium smell technologies. The team is made up of women, protecting the virtual sharing economy from men practicing female identity theft to establish greater trust ratings. On Web 4.0, Women are known to be the best in cyber security. All transaction credentials in this economy are based on trust and feel-good transactions, determined by Affective Computing and Facial Coding Verification (FCV) index ratings. Trusted Network operates on bitcoin to protect its customers from retaliation, even though bitcoin is not a preferred currency on web 4.0 because of the inability to verify the trust worthiness of users.


In the early 2000s, personal property came to be an economic and physical burden because of the Worldwide Economic Collapse and pressures from early stages of the Catastrophic Climate Change. The Sharing Economy made renting-for-use “the new buying”, transforming the old era of individual ownership built on the premise of debt.

The rise of Big Sharing and Share-washing made it harder to find people with whom to have meaningful exchange transactions that felt good, the heart of commerce as we know it. The question resounded, Who can you trust?


Affective Computing, while undermined by breeches from Big Sharing and malware agencies, was able to legitimate a process of trust-ability through the discovery and addition of the 7th accepted form of facial expression in the Facial Action Coding System (FACS), that of the feeling of trust.

Widespread misuse of Affective Computing through the teens and twenties, wiped out the corporations dominating web 2.0, who unscrupulously sold personal data to perpetuate widespread economic inequality. 

The dismantling of this business system, brought down by dissatisfied consumers taking their identities back, resulted in the construction of web 3.0 on the Darknet.


After Web 2.0 crumbled, web 4.0 (commonly called web 2.squared) was built on its ruins.

While celebrated as the ultimate victory for the growth of the trust economy and the economic advancement for women, web 4.0 spawned the development of the widespread act of female identity theft.

Products and Services:

The emotional/trust economy has not managed to get rid of capitalism. Like a traditional business, Trusted Network has both services and products that are aimed to maximize profit. Also, like most businesses they have to give away free stuff to encourage sales and to encourage people to buy from them. The idea of free stuff is interesting, I can only really trust you if you give me something without paying for, right? In any case, all these items are meant to paint the picture of what it is to be on web 4.0, which is a very different experience then our current internet. It is loaded with virtual environments that are sensory enhanced; it is artistically driven; it uses a lot of creative barter to build relationships, networks, cool spaces and  good vibes.

The technology of the Snifferbot™ and The Nose Knows™ is as follows. Snifferbot launches through the internet and virtual environments on soundwaves and collects smell data based on the temperature, moisture and heartrate of the person operating technologies. Snifferbot uses algorthms to verify the trust factor, which can be accessed directly through the user interface accessing virtual environments. The Nose Knows™ is an enhancement of the Snifferbot™. It receives these transmissions directly into the nose for a personalized transaction, because we all have different taste in people that goes beyond trustability. You might trust someone, but prefer to buy from someone who shares the same taste as you.

The current Nose Knows mock up is going to be refined and rephotographed.

2015-03-05 07.21.52

2015-03-05 07.24.58



I bought the URL trustnetwork.cc and thenoseknows.cc.   I researched different cyber security sites. And made a mockup on my new school blog and the paris.dt server (which I recently stripped after Ben said it wasn’t there yet), I chose out a theme template, first one Pyreas, then after a recommendation by Ben moved to Ares. We set up hosting it on the parisdt server, dealt with some complexity getting the site to point to the url. And again when I loaded the new theme it debunked a lot of the work that I had put into the old them, first I tried to rework the old content into the new theme, but it became really glitchy (not in the good way), and I decided to start from scratch with the new theme once I was able to get trustnework.cc operative. I’m still working on getting the theme layout right.

I’ve built two sites, that highlighted how frustrating it can be to work in wordpress. I have wondered if it I could have hand coded a site in the same amount of time I’ve noodled around with the wordpress thing, nothing I’ve got is up to snuff. Keep learning, keep trying.