AMT Rendez-vous #24 [ReFrag]

AMT Rendez-vous #24 [ReFrag]

What: AMT RDV #24
What: ReFrag Media Archaeology
When: Thursday 21st of April, 7 to 10PM
Where: El Tonel, 5 Rue des Pyramides, 75001 Paris


SHAWNÉ MICHAELAIN HOLLOWAY is an internet artist and curator living in paris, france. her work explores the “real life” cultural and economic implications of performing identity for online social networking sites. her projects and performances, ranging from serialized live internet video broadcasts to gifs and electronic music are exhibited internationally. she is a participating curator at festivals and conferences including reFreg Festival (paris, france) and 20112 (chicago, il). shawné’s current project EXTREME SUBMISSION , to be released march 17th 2016, focuses on video vs text or “slow-media” -based mediation of intimate encounters and invisible power dynamics between “users” and their networked objects.

she works primarily with “realtime,” or #LIVE, mediums in exploration of performativity in user experience and interface design. the networked online experience is central focus of her research; the internet browser window functions as a basic framework for many of her pieces in effort to identify a foundational platform from which to understand or consume the artwork on the same level as that of the work performed online by a general “user.” thematically, there is always a special emphasis on minoratized bodies, BDSM culture, and gender non-conformity.

Emmanuel’s research focuses on the history of 20th century avant-garde and counterculture in the arts, literature, architecture and politics, collage and sampling practices in the visual arts and music, as well as strategic history and theory. He graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, in 2007, and obtained his Agrégation de Lettres Modernes that same year. Guy curated the “Guy Debord. Un Art de la Guerre” exhibition and has published articles and books on Guy Debord and the the Internationale Situationniste.

Emmanuel has taught within the “Métiers du texte et de l’image” Master Program at Université Paris 13-Villetaneuse. From 2009 to 2011, he also co-organised with Sophie Cras a “1955-1965 : sources and methods” seminar at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, where he gathered a wide range of young researchers and scholars from various disciplines to discuss the history and historiography of the long Sixties.

Gijs Gieskes (NL) is an artist and musician who works with circuit-bending and old-school computer graphics.
Re-appropriating tools for new purposes, making inventive hardware projects, such as his Feedback video log, Strobo VJ machine or PCB hand painted circuit board, is what Gijs Gieskes enjoys most.
Artists and makers are re-inventing the design and function of ubiquitous consumer electronics devices by creating hybrid systems and artifacts with extended uses.
Educated as an industrial designer, he now casts Gameboy Bricks in concrete to build a garden path or a spinning photoelectronic acid machine. Gieskes’ work and live performances are a fantastic example of where hardware hacking can take you.

Tom Verbruggen Studied Fine-arts at the art academy St.Joost in Breda, The Netherlands. During this study he got more and more interested in sound, finaly resulting in the toktek performance. Over the years, toktek has mastered the art of sampling anything that makes sound. Nothing is more entertaining than watching toktek build up his palette of sounds from random musical objects and then blissfully play them on his DIY controllers. He’s like a modern day Robinson Crusoe enjoying his castaway life in electronic music wonderland. After making sound art pieces and sound performances only, he had the urge to make visual art again. Something that he was trained to do during his Fine-arts study. Tom started to experiment with, and combine modern day electronics and classical art forms such as sculpture and painting. Tom is interested and fascinated by the contrast between tactile human gestures and the inhuman continuity of the machine. Natural materials such as wood and fabric vs an electronic circuit. The past vs the future.

Michaël Borras aka SYSTAIME
Michaël Borras,also known as Systaime, is a French net.artist. He is the founder of a movement called French Trash Touch (1995). He created Neticones, a website that portrays pop art as a mosaic of net icons.[3] He has also worked on art projects using Facebook pages, Mashup videos, and YouTube Poop. At the end of 2011, he founded the Super Art Modern Art Museum (French: Super Art Moderne Musee) (SPAMM), an online museum with digital pieces from over 300 artists. He has collaborated with artists such as Asia Argento, Charlelie Couture, Sporto Kantes and Bianca Jagger on various art projects, music videos, and web clips. He has presented his art and ideas at conferences, festivals and art exhibitions worldwide.In July, 2013, He realizes the clip » Sexodrome » for Asia Argento and creates the visuals for the show » entropy Total » in Silencio the David Lynch’s exclusive club in Paris.