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Short Circuit


First, we had to understand the concept of how within 1 activity there are many things that can be connected with that. Within a page I wrote the activity of make-up routine, and I wrote things connected to this which included hands, washing face, applying toner, lotion, patting face to absorb, face mask, exfoliating, primer, foundation, sprays, etc. There were an extreme amount of things that I could write about it “makeup routine” or “morning routine.” After this brainstorming process, we were to create a story board, and make a minimum of 15-16 drawings. I did quick sketches, and this was a nice way of organizing my ideas when I created my video. Creating the video I had to mess around with not just natural lighting, but a lot of other options in the settings which let me play around with the camera settings. It was really fun and interesting. I also got to use adobe premier, and try to mess around with the sounds, but mostly the video settings, and the layout. I want to try to remake my video or at least re-edit my video in a way where I will be able to mess around with the layerings of my videos, and try to get much more a meaningful message out to the viewers.

I wanted to convey the message of putting a confidence “on” if that makes sense. I want to convey people can enhance beauty, and emphasize that it takes a lot of time for even a guy to get ready. This is the 21st century, and it should be known it is not just women who use makeup, but men in the 21st century as well.

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