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Time – Final

The subject of my proposal is cosmetic surgery, and how the desire to have facial features that can only be done by the means of going under the knife is becoming more common as we go through the 21st century. Although, some people are not quite sure to 100% alter their physical appearance, which can be the result of using cosmetic, aka make-up to create a similar look, without having to permanently change their features.

This project explores time because it is conveying the importance of wanting to have the “perfect” facial features, and an overall flawless physical appearance more these days than in the past, due to social media and the advancements of technology. This also explores time because overtime people who want to have a cosmetic procedure done have time to think about their decision to permanently change their “choice of part,” which some people overcome with time, and others understanding that this is really what they want for the rest of their life.

This project is just for anyone who have an interest in having a cosmetic procedure, and still being unsure, can easily just use make-up to alter their look, until they are completely sure they want to have the procedure done. With time, people can become more confident with themselves, or just want to have a boost of confidence through the help of cosmetic surgery.

I’ve chosen this particular idea, because I find the world of cosmetic surgery fascinating. It is interesting to see how much more common cosmetic surgery is becoming these days than in the past, with not just women but men as well. It is interesting to see Western countries vs Asian countries and their differences of procedures. I find myself wanting to have cosmetic surgery, however still being unsure I choose to alter my everyday look with makeup, until I find myself to be 100% completely sure I want to have these procedures done.

Final Thoughts of Project

This final project makes me extremely proud of what I can accomplish through editing. I figured that editing is an amazing way of conveying a message, through a simple recording of a video it can be turned into something else. My ability to convey the importance of acceptance of natural beauty, while still having the ability to ‘enhance’ one’s self confidence through cosmetics makes me feel proud in a way that you can have the best of both worlds. Whether there is pressure to have cosmetic surgery, one should always remember that there are cosmetics that can give a similar look.







Andrew Kwon - Open Works Poster



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