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Field Trip 5

Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)

Stone flooring (sand stone) almost like a green color stone
The stone is toned and polished (but it is matte)
Glass railings
Glass railing has a stainless steel frame (there are two layers of glass)
The horizontal line effect has a ceramic frit
A lot of the wall is just dry wall
The ceiling is also dry wall
There is a reveal, whenever there is an intersection
Painted dry wall column
Anodized aluminum wall panels
Ceramic coated glass at the coat check






Grand Central Terminal

Stone is primary material everywhere
Colored marble on the floor
Even the pillars are marble material
The marble on the wall and floor are different
All details from the entrance are stone carved
Window frame denials are cast iron
Different marbles on the pillar
Terrazzo base boards(the curved parts)
Cast iron window details downstairs
Guatovina tiles (are acoustic volt) they are ceramic clay tiles. The joints are projecting beyond the face of the tile. The clay tiles are grooved, they are created with pockets so that sound can move through it. If you modulate the surface, then you make it able to make sound movement better
The corners are made so that you transport sound to the other side





Chrysler Building

Built during the Art Deco Period
The period was like celebrating the advancements of materials, technology
Has a lot of intricate stone work, metal work, wood work
A lot of detail and workmanship went into the building
A lot of marble
Marble floor (same marble , except polished and matte in the entrance and lobby)
The marble has a lot of pores in it
A lot of striation in the stone
The floor is set up so they are about 90 degrees to each other, the control joints between the floor is brass
The movement of the stone is created by the different striations
All the wall is vertical
The walls are all vain (all the tiles were chosen, then laid out)
Book matched for the wall tiles (matched all the vertical vains)
The sealing is plastered (then painted)
The corners meeting of the stone corners are of a softened finished
The chamfered corner helps to soften the joinings
Stainless steel finishes for the metal
The air vents are made of sheet steel







The Morgan Library (still need to research images)
Renzo Pano (same designer for The New Museum)
Basically made of wood, glass, and steel
He basically created an atrium
Solid masonry building
Oak floor
Oak hand rail
Oak staircases
Exquisite details
The floor has air vents (wood grills) so that air could pass through that section. Makes a very beautiful transition.
Space is filled with a lot of skylight
Glass details at the handrails
He extends the same detail from the structural steel, to the non structural steel
Beautiful wood panels
The glazing of the curtain walls

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