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Field Trip 6

One primary material, wood
The wood does not take damage very well, it doesn’t take moisture very well
It is not a solid wood, it could swell if something were to spill in it.
Matte vs satin vs glossy (you can choose whatever finish you want)
The divide between the colors, the line is done with a machine that cuts it with MBF
The MBF was also used to cut the seating
The shelves and everything are lacquered MBF

The texture of the glass floor is finished with a different texture to make it less slippery
The column is finished with a very satin finish, but has a matte shine and smoothness to it. However, it is only plated
Grout less stone floor (very uncommon) 16th inch spacing.
The installation must have been very careful
The roof has stainless steel perforated bands. All the surfaces are integrated into these bands. There are security cameras, sprinklers, heaters, air condition, installed into the stainless steel bands. In between these bands are fluorescent lightings with a plastic lambent cover
The thin rods are used to support the glass roofing, the creation of two triangles make a better foundation and support system for the glass roofing. The glass roof is finish with a ceramic

The glass wall, is able to give a smooth movement when the eye looks at to be able to look all the way down.
The areas that hold the clothes, are a gaged sheet metal. It is not glossed, but more of a matte finish. (It is actually anodized aluminum)
The glass roof, is also the same glass wall as near the stair walls
The lights are within the thin spaces on the roof, and then run across the whole space.
The shelving on the wall are cast on the wall, it is resin. with resin you can create colors with it and has a different type of texture and smoothness.
There is another finish underneath the shelving because they needed to find areas to put the lights.
CorePlass (different colors. Different thickness.)
Very lightweight very inexpensive material. You can also use it for wall panels, ceiling panels.
There is a wood lamination finish on the seating areas.
The seating pads are silicone casts

Two types of wood
Plywood for the shoe stands. There are a number of plywood that determine the thickness.
There are some wear and tear on the corners of the plywood
There are pockets and openings between the plies
It is a medium low grade plywood
The space has a bit of that raw character
The size of the plywood things on the walls all depend on the thickness and length of the two.
There is a strategically placed mirror, does a good job expanding the space.
The floor is plywood

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