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ARS Artist Statement

As a designer, I believe in craftsmanship and quality, while creating collections that are something more than just ‘pretty.’ I create collections for a variety of women, and I want to have the ability to allow a woman to feel even more beautiful and confident in what she is wearing. I always believe that the piece should not be wearing the woman, but the woman should be wearing the piece. The satisfaction that comes from creating a piece, that makes the woman even look and feel more powerful, is extremely overwhelming, but makes myself, as a designer, feel that I have done my part in the industry. Coming from a man’s point of view, creating very feminine pieces for women, I believe that all women are and can be powerful, while exuding a beauty and confidence within themselves. Rather than just focusing on silhouettes, I focus on attitude, colors, appliques, and embroideries. I would not say that I am a very conceptual designer, however I follow my instincts, while still pulling trends that I believe are going to be a staple in the fashion industry, and my aesthetic for a much longer extended period.
While I am in awe of the world of couture, I believe in understanding having a balance of having certain qualities of couture, as well as high-end, ready-to-wear. The accessibility of couture is very small, which is why having a line of high-end, ready-to-wear is a marketable idea as well. It creates an availability to more women, and as a designer, it would make me more than feel accomplished knowing that I can help in any way to bring out a happiness and confidence within a woman.
This semester, I want to challenge myself to create pieces that stay true to who I am as a designer, while pushing myself to create ideas further than my comfort zone. Playing it safe has been a habit of mine, but with the right direction, I know that I can go beyond this comfort zone. I want to create pieces that are different than other evening wear designers, and to do that, it will be extremely challenging, but I know that I have it in me, and have the creativity to be able to accomplish this. I want to apply my interests of couture techniques, in all aspects of my designs this semester, and create a collection that will make people impressed, awed, and understand that a man is able to create pieces for women, and understand more than just the woman I have in my head, but other women. I have to convince the women that my pieces are different, and that I as a designer, and a male, is able to understand their desires, and their needs as well.

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