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In my fading memory there is a dim light of hope streaming through the cloudy and grey memories. The confusion and loneliness that once filled within these brown eyes are fading, yet returning back every now and then. The happiness and shine that would fill the room with this simple, yet large smile of mine are now returning. Yet, the journey is just beginning, a new series is being made, and new chapters being inserted. The moving from one location to another, has hurt my trust, has hurt my sense of stability, and has withered away my strength. However, every move has created a new me, a different me, and now a stronger me. The smile that was once on this face, is returning, and the strength to be independent is now rebuilding to something even stronger than once before. In my fading memory, through the fields of elysium that I have tried to cross and discover, can be discovered through my own acceptance of myself. I always tell myself, “don’t be scared, don’t be shy, be excited.” And with this, I breath, take everything in, and ponder about what is to be. I am me.

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