New York Stock Exchange Project–Studio 1


This map represents the people around the New York Stock Exchange building during the crash of 1929. Each color dot represents a different emotion. The emotions that we chose were based on how articles from the day described crowds and the overall feeling after the crash. The location of the people is based on pictures from the day as well; people crowded the streets in front of the building itself to learn about what was going on.


The Object:

For our object, we decided to make a hybrid of a tree and column. The building of the New York Stock Exchange is famous for its columns, so we thought it right to incorporate this detail into the object itself. The other aspect, the tree, ties to the fact that the first place where people would buy and sell stocks was under a buttonwood tree. The two combined are linked to show the old and the new. Continuing on that theme, we added the circuit board as the tree’s roots to represent both the fact that the stock market connects all different parts of the world, and the change to it being an online marketplace as well. Also, to represent this sense of how global the stock exchange has become, there is a sphere in the middle of the ‘branches’ of the tree.

As a group we came up with the concepts, but I made the map and Sarah and Tata made the object itself.


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