Int. Studio 2–Bridge 2 Ideas

Bridge 2–Changing a Space

Group: Leydi, Kaj, Shanna, Thalia, and me


Space: The stairs that double as a sitting area in the lobby of the UC


Ideas of how we might change or enhance the area:

  • Decorating it; making it more lively
    • Wrapping yarn around the handrails
    • Decorative tape on the ground


  • Adding a tool to make the space more effective (people often use this area to study)
    • Lap desks that double as backrests***
      • New School Colors
      • Potentially having writing on the face
      • Could be incorporated into stair design
    • Outlets
    • A clock that could ring five minutes before common class-times

*** Currently our choice of what to add

Image result for lap desk


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