Bridge 2 Reflection Post

For our second bridge project, we as groups had to choose a place on campus to alter in a certain way which would improve or change the dynamic of that location. Our group (Leydi, Shanna, Kaj, Thalia, and myself), thought that the step area in the lobby of the University Center would be an interesting area to alter. Originally, our group thought about adding lap desks for people to use if they were working on their laptops or doing homework, but as we interviewed people in the area we learned that they may not be what the space needs. From the interviews we discovered that the cleanliness of the steps was questionable, and that all in all the space is used as a place of transition with people spending an average of fifteen minutes there.

In the end, we decided to tape paper to the steps in strips so that people could doodle while they sat or if they spilled something, or dragged mud in with their shoes, it would leave a stain and leave a mark in itself. We left the paper on the steps for about a week, and eventually messages and doodles started to fill up the paper.

At the beginning, when we first put the paper down, people seemed to avoid the paper and wouldn’t draw or write on it. This was interesting because as soon as one person actually drew on it, more people felt like they could participate and the paper started to fill up quite quickly. Most of what was written were messages, and most of these messages were complaints or comments about the school itself. A lot of other messages were nice messages telling people to have a nice day, and there was even one which was an invitation to anyone to go sing karaoke together next week.

Overall I think our project was successful, and I think that our group worked well together. The paper allowed people to write their thoughts, and successfully got the participation from those who use the space.

This is our powerpoint:

bridge 2-10dztz1



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