Video Posters–Studio 2

For this project I made three posters–one about Astroturf, which talks about why it was invented and when; another about VHS ribbon, which describes what it’s made of, and the last one is about tissue paper and how it’s made. In terms of aesthetics, I wanted to keep a minimal design and make the posters animated. The cleaner-cut look would draw the eye and then the animated aspect would keep the interest as the information started appearing. After critique, I found that the design was successful, but the choice of information and research that I decided on using for all of them was not great. The information seemed anticlimactic and unexciting, which I agree with. If I were to redo these posters I would definitely make them more like PSA posters with information relating to more interesting/political topics like Monsanto Industries. This would give the posters more of a message and would work well with the animated aspect as well.

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