This Chakra coat reflects my vision of the world and highlights the most important aspects of my life.

This work was inspired by the yogic notion of the seven chakras (=energy centers). Every chakra has its own color and is linked to certain feelings and emotions. According to color psychology, colors also have a psychological impact on the human brain. The way I memorize things and see the world is by their association with colors. In this garment, each color showcases particular memory that I associate it with. The piece is reversible. The white side refers to the social part of my persona, something that I’m ready to share with everybody. Whereas the dark side represents the memories and thoughts that are very private and lie deep inside. Each sentence begins with “I remember the color…” and is separated by an ellipsis that represents the process of recollection. The photo shoot was taken in two different locations that represent the left and the right hemispheres of the brain.



The coat incorporates things that are very personal and close to me. The inspiration for it came from the Star Wars movies, Alexander McQueen’s fashion, Native American culture and origami.

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chakradress sketches4

chakradress sketch chakradress sketch2

I love to work with paper and I love origami, so I chose paper as the main material. Still, the coat can be recreated out of dense fabric, like denim or wool.

I used black artist tape as a reinforcement for paper. The chakras were folded in origami technique.

chakradress study4 chakradress study

The placement of the chakras on the coat is identical to their physical placement in the human body. Since the blue and the purple chakras are located on the head, I’ve attached them as a hood.








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