The Extrovert Crown

This headpiece is designed to enhance connection. It’s main purpose is to attract other people and become a subject of discussion. As a true introvert, I always have difficulties when trying to meet new people.  I wanted to create something that would help other introverts like me overcome their fear of being the center of attention. Since this fear comes from the head, I decided to design a headpiece.

The Crown is constructed out of plastic, wire and thread; there’s also an elastic ribbon that secures the piece on the head. The top part of the Crown is constantly moving back and forth, whereas the bottom part stays still. The shining of iridescent plastic and the translucent parts add playfulness and charm. The volume is created by three rows of iridescent stripes reaching out from the head. The pentagons on the backside follow the natural shape of the head. There is a reference to carnival costumes and historical headwear, like the Russian kokoshnik, as well as sacred geometry – the pentagon shape is a symbol of the human spirit.

I was inspired by the shape of a virus, sacred geometry and Bjork’s photoshoot for her album Vulnicura.

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