Theodora. Print Design

The Byzantine mosaics are known for their heart-stopping beauty. However, their main purpose is to educate the beholder and uplift her spirit. The Byzantians treated images as text with each color or a figure having a specific meaning. Thus, gold symbolizes the Divine shine, blue – cosmic wisdom, green – purity and freshness, and red – love and sacrifice. Figures of a cross and a rhombus, in their turn, represent the universe, and an olive leaf – health and peace.

Inspired by this symbolism, I’ve design a pattern that helps to create an image of a woman whose personality is even more beautiful that her appearance. In addition to the religious connotation, I’ve worked with the tetrad color scheme to come up with the color palette. My goal was to find a combination of colors that would provoke a direct association with Byzantine but still look modern. I wanted to keep the palette limited to 4 colors. For the first and second patterns, my goal was to change the placement of the colors so that the patterns would appear differently. For the second and third patterns, I changed one color keeping the others on their same place.

The collection was named after the empress Theodora, one of the most influential women in the history of Byzantine. I drew the croquis by hand first and then added the finishing touches in Photoshop. I kept the color palette the same as in the patterns when designing the garments.

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