Tsohanoai. Print Design

Few years ago, my dad and I went on a road trip to see the Grand Canyon in Arizona. My memories about it are still as vivid as if I saw it yesterday. The air was crystal clear but the mountains were so far away that they seemed to be painted on cardboard. The sun was setting down. Its warm rays touched the cold millennial slopes creating a beautiful contrast of complimentary colors. I listened to the melody of the Native American flute and distant drums, which reminded me of a myth about Tsohanoai – the Navajo Sun God. The melody fascinated me, hypnotized me. Suddenly, I started to feel much lighter, as if my body was made of feathers. I stepped to the Canyon’s edge and imagined myself being a bird. The spirit of freedom filled my wings as I held my breath, raised my arms and soared into the sky, flying above people and trees, getting higher and higher until my spirit dissolved into the air…




Inspired by this unforgettable experience and the Navajo culture, I’ve designed a fashion collection and a pattern series that convey the spirit of freedom and represent the movement of the sun across the Grand Canyon. In addition to the memories I brought from this trip, I visited the National Museum of the American Indian to do research of the Indian art and traditions. The triangular shapes symbolize the mountains. The  palette consists of yellow, red and blue colors that are considered sacral by the Navajos. The overlapping of the shapes creates an illusion of transparency and adds dimension.



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