‘Folk Rock’ Fashion Collection

This collection was inspired by Shocking Blue’s song, Venus (1969) and the culture of the late 60s-early 70s.  Eye-catching and functional at the same time, these looks truly represent the spirit of the folk rock era with a modern twist.

Based on my illustration, I’ve constructed and sewn a combination of pants and a top.  The folky floral pattern represents the youth culture of the 70s, while the color palette of the warm reds and yellows reminds of a burning flame of fire from the song. The bootleg cut comes with the high waist typical for the 70s fashion. The unusual side zipper helps flatten the figure along with the soft stretchy material that feels great on the skin. The top is made of black satin and embellished with a mauve satin ribbon. In addition, I’ve created a prototype of the dress out of paper, cardboard tubes and a satin ribbon. The skirt was inspired by origami and can be changed in length by pulling the ribbons.  The top was inspired by the form of a xylophone – a popular instrument in the folk rock genre.

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