The Gaian Guardian

Character concept design; The New School, 2016.

A notion of a tribe in a contemporary world is that of a group of people with similar views, activities and lifestyle. Members of my imaginative tribe, called the Gaian Guardians, are spiritual beings who care about the environment and preservation and appreciate history and religion as a form of connection with the cosmic realm.

My inspiration draws from Medieval art and armor, the Buddhist monks’ apparel and the concept of zen, the looks of the Jedi Knights in George Lucas’s Star Wars and of the Na’vi race in James Cameron’s Avatar. I drew a sketch by hand first and used it as a foundation for the Photoshop illustration that I created with the help of a Wacom tablet. While doing so, I learned to imitate hand-drawing and painting on computer, which was  a new technique to me.  I wanted my tribe member to look enlightening and divine-like, as if it was a stain-glass window, while also looking modern, extraterrestrial and a bit post-apocalyptic, which would serve as a commentary on human origin, spirituality and sustainability.

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