Cowgirl pants

Being a horse riding myself, I got excited by the idea of designing functional and stylish riding pants, which can be worn for both horse riding and biking. I drew my inspiration from a historical rodeo costume, British equestrian clothing and female culottes. Unlike the narrow British riding pants that are meant to be worn with high riding boots in cold and humid weather, the American version has wide legs so that the fabric doesn’t stick to sweaty skin when the weather is hot. I’ve decided to go with a wider version because I consider it more flattering and also because I believe that having some air between the fabric and the leg feels better. I’ve eliminated the inseams and moved the seam allowance to the outside so that the seams don’t cause any discomfort, and gotten rid of the darts by designing a curvy yoke. The front seam line prevents the knee area from stretching . I included two pockets, one at the hip and the other at the shin – both convenient placements to be reached while the knees are bent.

The pants are made of re-purposed piece of blended linen and rayon that I purchased for another project but never used. Inspired by one of my  projects in color theory that focused on the relationship of neutral colors, I bought a sky blue thread and a zipper to complement the light brown color of the pants. I also wanted to reference the color palette of the wild prairies and cowboy outfits. The outside seams are treated with a pearl hem stitch that prevents the edges from fraying and creates a sculptural texture. I’ve never used this stitch before and had a lot of fun learning it.




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