Lukomorye (Spirit of the Ocean)

Costume for a Russian Spirit of the Ocean inspired by Alexander Pushkin’s fairytale poem and Russian mythology. Habotai silk painted using the serti (gutta resist) technique. Headpiece made from buckram and stuffed fabric, hand painted. Design and construction by Anna Kalabina, The New School, 2018-2019.

“On seashore far a Green Oak towers…”

Costume for a Green Oak tree from Alexander Pushkin’s fairytale poem “By Lukomorye”. Jumpsuit and headpiece made from recycled fabrics hand painted with dyes, reinforced with wire. Design and construction by Anna Kalabina, The New School, 2019.  

Williamstown Theater Festival 2018

2nd Assistant Costume Designer on The Closet (Des. Jessica Pabst); Crafts Artisan on Lempicka (Des. Montana Levi Blanco); Wardrobe Head on Dangerous House (Des. Dede Ayite) ;  Stitcher and Crafts Artisan on all festival shows;  Please visit  for more info about the past shows Photos by Carolyn Brown