“On seashore far a Green Oak towers…”

Costume for a Green Oak tree from Alexander Pushkin’s fairytale poem “By Lukomorye”. Jumpsuit and headpiece made from recycled fabrics hand painted with dyes, reinforced with wire. Design and construction by Anna Kalabina, The New School, 2019.  


“Marisol” by Jose Rivera; Dir. Monica L.Williams. Costume Designer – Nicole Slaven; Assistant Costume Designer/Crafts Artisan –  Anna Kalabina. Construction and painting of the two sets of angel wings. Painting and distressing of the jacket. Assistance with pulling and design. The New School of Drama/College of Performing Arts; BFA Production, Fall 2018    

Williamstown Theater Festival 2018

2nd Assistant Costume Designer on The Closet (Des. Jessica Pabst); Crafts Artisan on Lempicka (Des. Montana Levi Blanco); Wardrobe Head on Dangerous House (Des. Dede Ayite) ;  Stitcher and Crafts Artisan on all festival shows;  Please visit https://wtfestival.org/archive/  for more info about the past shows Photos by Carolyn Brown      


Dir. Michelle Nash (Brooklyn College, film); Costume Design, construction and distressing by Anna Kalabina; Original concept and sketches by Michelle Nash; UDIO Films Production; May 2018

Punk Tale: The movie

Based on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare. Direction, costume design and construction/distressing by Anna Kalabina. The New School, Spring 2018

Sin City

Wearable art and textiles project inspired by the nightlife in London’s Soho; Design and construction by Anna Kalabina; University of the Arts London, Fall 2017  

Knit dress/tunic

  This is my first experimentation with knitwear. Unlike weaved fabric that is rigid, knit changes its shape with every move of the body. I was inspired by this fluidity and the ability of knit to create beautiful drapes. For the first time, I wanted to design something without an actual pattern by draping fabric directly…

“The Future Is Uncertain And The End Is Always Near”

Well, I woke up this morning, and I got myself a beer The future’s uncertain, and the end is always near – Jim Morrison Thinking about their future makes people anxious. We don’t know what’s going to happen and what to expect. This project  was inspired by The Doors’ song Roadhouse Blues and the Mad…