Aida design sketch

Costume sketch for Amneris in Elton John’s and Tim Rice’s Aida inspired by graffiti walls; by Anna Kalabina, 2018

In the Same Space

A new play by Parade Stone; Dir. Raz Golden. Costume Designer  –  Anna Kalabina. Cast -Jillian Garner, Ma’chel Martin and Derek Speedy; Photos by Carolyn Brown and Sarah Sutton; Williamstown Theater Festival 2018

The Laughing Club

A new play by Liz Maestri; Dir. Victoria Gruenberg. Costume Designer –  Anna Kalabina. Cast – Sinclair Daniel, Conner Keef and Ezra Li. Photos by Sarah Sutton. Williamstown Theater Festival 2018

Dvorak’s Rusalka

My costume design for Antonin Dvorak’s opera Rusalka (1900) is a modern take on Edwardian glassblowing. The art of glassblowing has manifested itself in glass bottles, today widely replaced by PET plastic bottles that pollute ocean water. I wanted to reflect on the issues of marine pollution and the misuse of plastic. Rusalka tells a well-known story of…

The Modern Knights

  The Modern Knights : Symbolism and Appropriation of the Motorcycle Clubs The goal of this project was to design a fashion collection inspired by the style and symbolism of the biker culture without portraying them in a manner that is disorienting or insulting. I’ve designed an MC patch based on the fashion brand logo (Burberry) in order to…