Lukomorye (Spirit of the Ocean)

Costume for a Russian Spirit of the Ocean inspired by Alexander Pushkin’s fairytale poem and Russian mythology. Habotai silk painted using the serti (gutta resist) technique. Headpiece made from buckram and stuffed fabric, hand painted. Design and construction by Anna Kalabina, The New School, 2018-2019.

Aida design sketch

Costume sketch for Amneris in Elton John’s and Tim Rice’s Aida inspired by graffiti walls; by Anna Kalabina, 2018

Lukomorye design sketches

Pencil sketches for the upcoming  project based on Alexander Pushkin’s poem. By Anna Kalabina. The New School, 2019.


“Marisol” by Jose Rivera; Dir. Monica L.Williams. Costume Designer – Nicole Slaven; Assistant Costume Designer/Crafts Artisan –  Anna Kalabina. Construction and painting of the two sets of angel wings. Painting and distressing of the jacket. Assistance with pulling and design. The New School of Drama/College of Performing Arts; BFA Production, Fall 2018    


Anna Kalabina is a textile artisan and an aspiring designer based in NYC. She has completed an advanced course in Silk painting and Batik and, upon graduating from a fashion design program at Parsons, The New School, has been working as a freelance fabric painter, craft artisan and costume designer for theater. Her credits include…

Punk Tale: The movie

Based on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare. Direction, costume design and construction/distressing by Anna Kalabina. The New School, Spring 2018

All the World’s a Stage

All the world’s a stage And all the men and women merely players – William Shakespeare   This work was inspired by the Japanese Kabuki Theater and the vibrant life of the Union Square. I took photographs of people on the US and then adjusted them in Photoshop to imitate the style of the Japanese…