Portfolio Exercise 6: Yuknavitch, Dora

I was truly very impressed by the book. The things that Dora suffers are not easy at all. Having a psychological problem like hers requires patience, hope and most of all the ability to be aware of the situation one’s in in order to be cured. Dora is very aware of what she’s going through and I personally can relate to her trauma (which is her dad’s heart attack) because I have had a similar trauma a while ago. I believe that she is a very strong character, however the reader must be emphatic towards her in order to like her character and enjoy the book. In the book, Dora is described as having a poor relationship with her father, however I do not believe that she is to blame for this. If we would put ourselves into Dora’s shoes, we could see how her father has wronged her. Reading this book helped me broaden my perspective, it reminded me that there is always two sides to a story.

Portfolio Exercise 5: Erasure, Parody, Remix

Erasure Exercise Attempt: For this exercise, I will be attempting to do an exercise in erasure. I will be using my favourite song. This was my favourite song with my boyfriend and we were dating when I first heard it and we always used to listen to it together. This erasure is how I felt while listening to this song after our breakup. Erasure Exercise -2d7jpa0

Portfolio Exercise 4: Archives I response

Our first visit to the archives was very interesting and informative for me. I did not have an opportunity to look through archives prior to this experience. As a result, I did not know what to expect before our visit. I was especially taken by the archives of former students that the school has preserved. It is incredible to think that some of these former students who started exactly where I am starting, and have their work in these archives have grown to be world renowned and famous artists who flourished in their chosen fields. Hence, I was probably most impressed by the work of Parsons students that was in the archives. In terms of revision, I find it very intriguing that these works at the time of their storing probably did not carry some of the meanings they hold today. As the world has changed, the way we look at these has also changed. For instance, the more historical photographs in the archives are very telling of a different time. Pictures that were documenting mundane objects and occurrences have significant meanings as time passes and politics change. Moreover, I was also very interested in the revisions of the magazines in the archives. I find the idea of taking something like a magazine cover of a current day and revising it to be very profound.