Portfolio Exercise 1: Summary

In today’s class, we discussed 3 different theories of laughter.

Superiority theory of laughter, which is for example when you laugh at the reactions or expressions of little kids and babies, or when you laugh at someone who falls down in public when walking on the street.

Incongruity theory of laughter which is to laugh at what is unexpected and what is odd. For example a drawing, that was projected on the wall on valentines day on 14th street, of Trump, pregnant with Putin’s baby. It is unexpected and odd indeed, and it’s funny.

Relief theory which is when people laugh because they sense stress. Giving an example from my life, back in high school, I always used to witness some students in my class arguing with the professor impolitely. As soon as I recognized tension between the student and the teacher I would start laughing to distract people from the tension I thought they were feeling either. It would make me feel very relieved, as my friends would join me while I laughed.

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